120 Insects Inspire New Generation of Australian Weapons

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Australian weapons developers have been inspired by the __________ capacity of insects to spot and zero in on food and the ability of bees to avoid colliding with each other in a __________.

Australia’s Defense Science and Technology Organization has been looking at how the existing research into insects’ navigation and sight could make __________ weapons more reliable and improve their ability to hit moving __________.

Through its collaboration with several electronics companies, a new system known as ‘Bioseeker’ has been developed.

Project Manager Philip Henschke says the study of insects has been vital.

«A variety of insects have a unique capability to find the moving target and that’s the particular holy __________ of what we’re interested in from a weapons application in defense. What we’ve actually done is looked at the mathematics of how an insect sees and we’ve taken that mathematics and from that we’ve looked at an __________ that will enable us to do what we call a bio-image generation, a map of the movement within a scene.»

This information was then analyzed in special software to create a system designed to find, __________ and destroy moving targets.

The Bioseeker technology is scheduled to __________ final testing, later this year. Its architects believe that, if it is eventually used in battle, it will make soldiers safer by taking them __________ away from the enemy.

Researchers __________ to produce a low-cost seeker-and-guidance system that could eventually be reduced to the size of a coffee cup. Possible applications include placing the technology inside __________ used on the Australian Army’s Tiger Attack helicopters.

The Australian military is relatively small, with about 50,000 personnel. However, the __________ force has a reputation for technological innovation.

The government in Canberra has said that, by 2020, it hopes to bring into service a __________ of Super Hornet jet fighters and an early-warning aircraft, as well as a range of new helicopters and airborne __________ airplanes.

The Australian military is involved in __________ missions in East Timor, Sudan and the Solomon Islands and with the US-led campaign in Afghanistan.


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