124 US Ends 62-Year Drought in 4-Man Bobsled

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It seems _______ to believe that it had been 62 years since the Americans had won Olympic gold in the four-man bobsled.

But this was the year many thought that _______  would come to an end.

Driver Steve Holcomb, the reigning world champion, surged to the lead after the first two runs Friday, setting a Whistler Sliding Track record in the process. He gained several more _______  of a second in the third run Saturday, so with a total lead of almost half a second, Holcomb just needed to _______  a solid run on his fourth and final trip down the icy course.

Holcomb: «I just got in the sled. I was _______ . I knew the lines I had to drive. I drove as best I could and came out victorious.»

The 29-year-old Holcomb said it was a _______  to end the long U.S. drought in the four-man bobsled.

Holcomb: «This is an amazing feeling. You kind of dream about it for years and _______  it’s happening. It’s sort of hard to put into words. I don’t know. It’s just kind of _______ .»

The modest Holcomb, a stocky man who sports a _______ , said he is not the one who deserves all the credit in his black USA-1 sled dubbed «Night Train.» And it is not just teammates Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler and Curtis Tomasevicz.

Holcomb: «It’s a whole team thing. The engineers have put so much _______  into this. The pushers have as well. And my coaches have done everything they can to get me here and I just had to perform and _______  the way that I do, and we did. And we showed that right now we are the best team in the world.»

One of those coaches is Brian Shimer, himself a former U.S. four-man bobsled driver.

Shimer: «I’m just _______ , and I can’t tell you how proud I am of Holcomb and the gang, and for Steve to pull it together and hold it together in just his second Olympic Games. You know, he kind of followed in my _______  but has passed me way up. It took me five Olympics just to get a bronze, and here he is in his second with a gold.»

Taking the silver medal, 0.38 seconds back, was two-time defending champion Andre Lange of Germany. On the final run, he _______  the Canadian sled driven by Lyndon Rush by a mere 0.01 of a second.

USA Winner Steve Holcomb said he is not about to _______  from bobsledding after winning the Olympic gold medal.


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