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140 ‘Smart’ Bandages Could Heal Wounds More Quickly

By Christian V. Rodas 2 años agoNo Comments
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Watch the video and answer:

1. Scientists have created a new material called ‘hydrogel’ that closely resembles the human skin.
It’s not said on the video.

2. In what pattern are the titanium wires embedded into this new stretchy polymer?
A circular pattern.
A zig-zag pattern.
A rectangular pattern.

3. Medication spreads across the bandage through ______.
titanium wires.
 tiny channels.

4. What is used to alert patients and doctors of changes at particular spots?
 LED lights.
Different sounds.

5. The new polymer will be suitable for application ______.
only on the skin of the body.
only inside the body.
both on the skin and inside the body.


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